Low vs. High Asking Price

It’s safe to say that homeowners love their houses. You lived in it, you decorated it and now you’re selling it. How should you price it?


As always, it’s best to get your agent’s advice but here’s a little tidbit from a current home shopper. I always, always compare the price per square footage before even clicking on the listing. If it has the highest price in the list, then it should have an updated kitchen, nice bathrooms and clean walls.


Remember that every shopper doesn’t have an agent yet. Some first-timers like me are investigating the market to see if anything catches my eye. If you want to get a little more traffic through your doors on open house Sunday, be realistic about the price. Low asking price is better than a high one. Even if your house competes well with the others, you always want to take the humble approach.


After all, pretty pictures only tell half the story. To get me to drive to your house, tell me a story about the price. By the way, I’m a huge fan of the HDR photos. They really make the pictures pop!

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