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Shorter Mortgages Are Coming

Research shows that people move every five to seven years. This information indicates a disconnect between the current real estate lending industry and the needs of today’s buyers. People need shorter mortgage payment schedules so they can have a chance to build wealth.

Have you ever thought about why the government needs to step in and FORCE people to buy health insurance? I can tell you that if I have to choose between paying my rent or mortgage and my health insurance bill…well, I’m sure you can guess which one I am paying. To me, this is a clear indicator that the economy is worse than any of us really understand. Losing 1.3 trillion dollars a year is bound to show its effects sooner or later.

Plum Genius feels the only way to truly provide a viable way for homebuyers to have a chance of living a financially free lifestyle is to offer another solution. Shorter mortgages.

It is the 21st century. Why are we still doing it the old way?


Are Atlanta Homes Sizzling or Fizzling?

There are a lot of interesting properties on the Atlanta market right now. In the heart of the city, near Buckhead, properties have an asking price of $200+ per square feet. A short distance away from the city, $170 per square feet is the usual asking price for a completely renovated place.  And in other zip codes, like 30331, you get get a huge house for $70 per square feet.

So how do you choose which area? Assuming the schools are decent in the lower priced areas, research homes that are ten years older than the house you are considering. If those homes are competing well against new homes, then you may have found the perfect area.

One of the other key things to consider when buying a home are obviously the comps, but also evaluate the current listings. How many views does each listing get? How long has it been on the market? How many times has the seller relisted or changed the asking price? If the listing shows how many people have favored it, does it get 10% of the viewers to star it?

The ones that have buyers showing real interest are the type of homes that resell quickly. If European or Mediterranean or traditional homes show higher behavioral rates than others, be sure to consider those types of home first.


Las Vegas is Building Again

Las Vegas is building again. Casinos and houses. With a report from Movoto stating that the Las Vegas real estate inventory increased by 91% year-over-year, it’s not that much of a surprise to local folks.

“They are doing it all over again,” one Henderson, NV resident exclaimed. She is referencing the fact that they are building new homes again, making it difficult for existing residents to sell their property. If they aren’t careful, they will find themselves on the highest foreclosure rate list again if they don’t create enough jobs to match the inventory.

Relying on investors to purchase real estate and then rent out properties to transients isn’t the way to go.

How to Get a 7-Year Mortgage

7-year mortgages, are they possible nowadays? Yes of course. Here’s why.

The average family or individual moves every 5-7 years. This reality screams for the need to create another viable road to home ownership. Currently, there are only two methods: buy it with cash or go through a bank. There needs to be another option that matches today’s current trends.

Plum Genius is sensitive to long-term renting situations. We want to abolish them. So we created a program that makes it easier and frankly, gives you a lot of motivation, to stay still for at least 7 years. Participating in the program gives you a way to become rent and/or mortgage free for most of your life. Even if you move after the program concludes, you can sell your place and become an all cash buyer with your next residential purchase.

Apply for one of our properties at If you qualify, make a bid for the monthly payment and if you win, you can move into a beautiful house or condo with no down payment. Just a security deposit. We’re serious. Are you?