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Expect a Whirlwind if it’s Under 100K

I love getting information from real estate agents. They always know the trends. Spoke with a realtor in Georgia last week.

He mentioned that investors are still buying everything up. However, he said that investors are not buying much over 100K in the Atlanta region. Some of them are from places like Australia and they only buy starter homes. After they buy them, they go back home and sell them to people who want to invest in American properties. They set up the property managers and everything else so it’s an easy sell.

Set a Spell, Take Your Shoes Off

I love the Beverly Hillibilies theme song. I really do. I especially love the hospitality those kin folks showed on the show.

When you are having an open house, should you make buyers take their shoes off? I think it’s ok. As a first-time buyer, I may kind of stare at the agent at first when I’m asked to take my shoes off. I wonder, do my feet stink? Do I have holes in my socks?

After the initial anxiety, I appreciate the fact that they want me to. Shows me that the seller cares about their house. However, if I truck through your house and see a bunch of stains on the carpet or something else out of order, then I’m going to think your anal behavior was just for show.

On the other hand, I could look at it another way. Maybe the seller isn’t sure they really want to sell so they don’t want us dirtying up their house. I guess it goes both ways. Taking off my shoes won’t make me make an offer any faster. But I don’t think buyers will be offended.

(This one was 200 words…more proof that I talk too much)

To Hire An Agent or To Not Hire An Agent, that’s the 3% Question

Am I greedy? I don’t think so. I am pretty generous in many ways. So am I greedy to think about pocketing a 3% commission and going it alone?

I don’t know. Listing agents nowadays have it pretty easy. A house in the burbs of Atlanta [in the same neighborhood of a house that goes up for auction on our site in December] sold in 7 days. 7 days people.

The listing agent didn’t really have to do anything but list it on the MLS. It’s in a super nice neighborhood so it sells itself really. They scored a $12,000 paycheck for listing in a seller’s market. Should you save your dough and list it yourself?

FSBO is the New Black

Sometimes you have to find creative ways to save money. If selling your house, that means considering doing it yourself. While it’s always a good idea to get professional help from an agent or an attorney, don’t be afraid to sell it yourself.


There are about 5 million real estate transactions a year. It’s reported that 1/5 or so are handled by their owners. Whether a majority of these owner-occupied transactions are done between neighbors in small town communities is unknown. What is known is there is a new way of thinking in today’s culture. Easy and cheap is the way to go. Using an automated system, like Plum Genius, is a good alternative for the new-age seller.