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Custom vs. Cookie Cutter

My parents have always bought houses that mirror every other house. Cookie cutters in large neighborhoods. The last two homes have been Pulte.

I like their taste. They always buy houses that resell very quickly. I think though I would would want a custom build. Not because I want to show it off or to build something that is a dream house. I  want a custom build because I want to feel like it’s mine. My vision.

The question is can I afford a custom build? I’ll need to do some more research to see if the costs are the same. Any thoughts?



Set a Spell, Take Your Shoes Off

I love the Beverly Hillibilies theme song. I really do. I especially love the hospitality those kin folks showed on the show.

When you are having an open house, should you make buyers take their shoes off? I think it’s ok. As a first-time buyer, I may kind of stare at the agent at first when I’m asked to take my shoes off. I wonder, do my feet stink? Do I have holes in my socks?

After the initial anxiety, I appreciate the fact that they want me to. Shows me that the seller cares about their house. However, if I truck through your house and see a bunch of stains on the carpet or something else out of order, then I’m going to think your anal behavior was just for show.

On the other hand, I could look at it another way. Maybe the seller isn’t sure they really want to sell so they don’t want us dirtying up their house. I guess it goes both ways. Taking off my shoes won’t make me make an offer any faster. But I don’t think buyers will be offended.

(This one was 200 words…more proof that I talk too much)

I Guess You’re Invited Over

Have you ever thought about open houses? I mean concept is pretty outrageous. Perfect strangers who look you up on the Internet are allowed to come to your house, while you still live there, and look at all your stuff.

Yeah, yeah…they are “checking” out the house. No doubt they are. But how come criminals don’t scope out the newspaper and check out all the open houses? Wouldn’t that be a good way to see which place to burglarize.

I’m sorry folks. I have a criminal justice background! I can’t help but think how illogical it is to just open up your house to strangers. Isn’t it enough that ANYBODY can find out where you live? Do you have to let them have a sneak peak into all your goodies.

Screen these people coming through your doors. We have the PERFECT platform for it. Sign up…like right now!

To Hire An Agent or To Not Hire An Agent, that’s the 3% Question

Am I greedy? I don’t think so. I am pretty generous in many ways. So am I greedy to think about pocketing a 3% commission and going it alone?

I don’t know. Listing agents nowadays have it pretty easy. A house in the burbs of Atlanta [in the same neighborhood of a house that goes up for auction on our site in December] sold in 7 days. 7 days people.

The listing agent didn’t really have to do anything but list it on the MLS. It’s in a super nice neighborhood so it sells itself really. They scored a $12,000 paycheck for listing in a seller’s market. Should you save your dough and list it yourself?

Bah Humbug

Not looking forward to a slow Christmas season for real estate? Us neither. Trying to get someone to move during one of the busiest times of the year sucks big time.

Here’s a suggestion: light it up!  Our suggestion is a bit unconventional, but so is selling your house during the holidays.

When you put up your Christmas lights this year, make your For Sale sign sparkle. Buy a Santa and put him on top of a moving truck.  If you do it up really nice, you may even get your house featured on your local news. They love cheesy stuff like that for their Christmas lights feature.

Ho ho ho!


4 Ways You Can Tell You Picked the Wrong Agent

Here’s a little list of things to look out for when selecting an agent:

1. Your agent doesn’t work weekends.  Yikes.

2. You tell your agent where you want to move, and she says, “Where?” Hard to believe but some agents pretend to be experts in a certain area when they aren’t. :(

3. Your agent asks you for career advice. No kidding, my friend had an agent and she was asking him about how to become an appraiser like him.

4. Finally, your agent doesn’t return your calls promptly. You need someone who really wants your business.

Sign up at our site. We have the perfect platform for you to “date” your agent before actually hiring him/her.

Beyonce Had It Half Right

Remember the oldie but goodie, “Bills, Bills, Bills.” That song was hot waaaayyyy back in the day. I hate to criticize Beyonce, but she got it half right.

Can you pay my bills was cool for the 2000s. Now it’s more like, ‘can you get rid of my bills.’ I may be a tad bit delusional, but I’m tired of paying bills. Some bills I understand, but mortgage. Not so much.

I love when I hear a landlord say a low rent, utilities included, month-to-month. How can we get the bankers to say that? I don’t know. But for Plum Genius, we are doing our best. Rent-to-Own is the only way to go.