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Heidi Heitkamp Made a Great Point on CNN Last Night

We usually keep posts like this for our News section of our site (plumgenius.com). I had to make a comment though about what Senator Heitkamp told Anderson Cooper last night.

CNN wrote a great article called, “Homeowners ditching brokers.” It was insightful but the Senator hit the nail on the head last night when speaking about the debt ceiling crisis. She said that because Americans are paying now 1/2 of their salary towards the costs of homeowership and leasing, instead of the traditional 1/3, it is affecting the bottom line of a lot of other areas, like healthcare.

It’s getting very expensive for people to maintain a decent lifestyle. Choosing your next home and even choosing the way you sell your home is a big decision. A very costly one. Be sure to consider all options and avenues. Plum Genius works hard to make buying and selling your home as affordable as possible.

FSBO is the New Black

Sometimes you have to find creative ways to save money. If selling your house, that means considering doing it yourself. While it’s always a good idea to get professional help from an agent or an attorney, don’t be afraid to sell it yourself.


There are about 5 million real estate transactions a year. It’s reported that 1/5 or so are handled by their owners. Whether a majority of these owner-occupied transactions are done between neighbors in small town communities is unknown. What is known is there is a new way of thinking in today’s culture. Easy and cheap is the way to go. Using an automated system, like Plum Genius, is a good alternative for the new-age seller.