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White vs Beige Walls

If you have decided to paint your walls because company’s coming over (a.k.a open house), then think about the current buyer. Today’s buyers may be coming with high expectations. Maybe they rented for a long time and had nothing but white walls and popcorn ceilings. Maybe they came from an old house with wood everywhere. Maybe they came from grandma’s house with wallpaper.

If you ever toured a high-end luxury apartment complex, you will notice beige-ish walls. I trust that they have done their research. I’m sure study after study told them that beige walls would rent faster than white walls. White feels impersonal and like a hospital.

If you can, go with a splash of color…neutral of course.

Should You Sell Your House Yourself?

Yes…and no. It depends on how much time you have in your schedule. Think about the things you must take care of: listingĀ  your house on the MLS, answering calls from prospective buyers and sales people (like us), setting appointments , negotiating a deal and handling the contract; and the risk of buyers wanting to deal only with agents. If you can handle those things, go for it!

But you shouldn’t sell it yourself if you don’t have time or the desire to enter the world of customer service. Sales is not for everybody. If you don’t enjoy it, let us help.