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How to Get a 7-Year Mortgage

7-year mortgages, are they possible nowadays? Yes of course. Here’s why.

The average family or individual moves every 5-7 years. This reality screams for the need to create another viable road to home ownership. Currently, there are only two methods: buy it with cash or go through a bank. There needs to be another option that matches today’s current trends.

Plum Genius is sensitive to long-term renting situations. We want to abolish them. So we created a program that makes it easier and frankly, gives you a lot of motivation, to stay still for at least 7 years. Participating in the program gives you a way to become rent and/or mortgage free for most of your life. Even if you move after the program concludes, you can sell your place and become an all cash buyer with your next residential purchase.

Apply for one of our properties at plumgenius.com. If you qualify, make a bid for the monthly payment and if you win, you can move into a beautiful house or condo with no down payment. Just a security deposit. We’re serious. Are you?