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I Guess You’re Invited Over

Have you ever thought about open houses? I mean concept is pretty outrageous. Perfect strangers who look you up on the Internet are allowed to come to your house, while you still live there, and look at all your stuff.

Yeah, yeah…they are “checking” out the house. No doubt they are. But how come criminals don’t scope out the newspaper and check out all the open houses? Wouldn’t that be a good way to see which place to burglarize.

I’m sorry folks. I have a criminal justice background! I can’t help but think how illogical it is to just open up your house to strangers. Isn’t it enough that ANYBODY can find out where you live? Do you have to let them have a sneak peak into all your goodies.

Screen these people coming through your doors. We have the PERFECT platform for it. Sign up…like right now!