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3 Tips for Listing Your House During the Holidays

Ramp up for a slower selling season by focusing on the positives.  Here’s some things you can do to increase your chances of selling your house.

1. Be as tech-friendly as you can.  During this busy and extremely cold season, buyers won’t be too geared up to travel to multiple listings. Register your listing with every open house mobile app, keep sending messages to friends through social media, and list with websites that are all over the search engines, like Craig’s List.

2. Highlight your strengths. If you have the ability to move out quickly, before the end of the year, feature that in your listing. Let your agent know that you are willing to distinguish yourself in every way possible.

3. Don’t forget about international coverage. Find investor-related real estate sites and post your listing there. Foreigners don’t have the same buying habits as we do.  China had a large volume of sales during their holiday season. Remember, international investors buy at all times of the year.