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We All Can’t Be Katy Perry

I listened to the guy who “discovered” Katy Perry give a speech one time. Cool guy. He discovered her because the two labels she was with before dropped her. He’s the one who got her signed at the label that helped her make it big.

Anyhoo, the story was inspiring. To know that Katy doesn’t have a magic spell and had to get her dough the old fashioned way. To know she had to work her way up like the rest of us really inspired me. So, it’s not too difficult to be extremely happy for her when you realize that the girl has it going on. She bought, count ‘em, two houses in LA recently.

I can’t sing that well so there really is no hope for me to get large amounts of dough the way Katy did. So for the rest of us, we need to spend our money wisely. Sorry to plug the website (but it’s my job!) but on Plum Genius, we work really hard to filter through the MLS to show you either the best houses on the market (most expensive) or the best deals (foreclosures, etc).  We work hard so you don’t have to waste time treading softly. Time is money after all.

Btw, we have a soft launch in a couple of weeks. Hope to see you there. :)