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Beyonce Had It Half Right

Remember the oldie but goodie, “Bills, Bills, Bills.” That song was hot waaaayyyy back in the day. I hate to criticize Beyonce, but she got it half right.

Can you pay my bills was cool for the 2000s. Now it’s more like, ‘can you get rid of my bills.’ I may be a tad bit delusional, but I’m tired of paying bills. Some bills I understand, but mortgage. Not so much.

I love when I hear a landlord say a low rent, utilities included, month-to-month. How can we get the bankers to say that? I don’t know. But for Plum Genius, we are doing our best. Rent-to-Own is the only way to go.

First-Time Buyers: Where are you?

This article really got me thinking. It talks about how 2.2 million first-time buyers have been priced out of the market since 2008. This information sparked an idea. I thought that if we could find a way to get first-timers to qualify again, we can position our economy to be resilient to any fluctuations that happen in the future.


After all, if you don’t own, you aren’t building equity (wealth). Albeit, the equity you earn from a traditional home loan is peanuts in the first five or six years, but there is a chance that your house will go up in value due to market conditions. The bottom line is we can’t rent forever. Unless you want to be in debt the rest of your life.


Here’s some info about our new Rent-To-Own program. Tell every college student, graduate student or renter you know. We all have to chip in and do something.

5 Tips for ‘For Sale By Owners’

CNN just had a great article about the success one buyer had selling her house. If you think you want to try it, here’s some tips to help you sell fast.

1.  Pay for a MLS listing

2. Download the standard real estate contract from your state.

3. Place a local ad in your newspaper and in some community papers.

4. Hold at least 2 open houses and purchase signs for the corners of busy streets and cross streets.

5. List on Zillow or other large sites.

Plum Genius is able to help you screen buyers if you receive a lot of interest. Be sure to visit our website for more info.

Should You Sell Your House Yourself?

Yes…and no. It depends on how much time you have in your schedule. Think about the things you must take care of: listing¬† your house on the MLS, answering calls from prospective buyers and sales people (like us), setting appointments , negotiating a deal and handling the contract; and the risk of buyers wanting to deal only with agents. If you can handle those things, go for it!

But you shouldn’t sell it yourself if you don’t have time or the desire to enter the world of customer service. Sales is not for everybody. If you don’t enjoy it, let us help.